Bee Hive Set Up & Management Services

Bee Hive Management Service

Is your backyard bee hive ready for the spring/summer season?

Unsure of what maintenance is required to keep your bee hive healthy so you can produce your own delicious backyard honey and beautiful bees wax?

We offer a customised bee keeping maintenance & advice service for hive owners living in the Adelaide Hills Regions.

Cost: $110.00 per hour
Includes: Travel and advice

At completion of our work you will receive an inspection certificate that meets the Australian Honey Bee Industry Biosecurity Code of Practice guidelines as well as the satisfaction of knowing that your backyard bees are healthy, happy and ready for the summer ahead.


There are so many wonderful benefits of having a beehive in your back yard. Healthy bees not only supply you with your very own pure, raw honey and beeswax, they promote the ecosystem and biodiversity by pollinating your fruit and vegetables, trees and flowers which service as food and shelter for many creatures.

Inspecting Hives

Proper hive maintenance will help you to minimise the risk of your bee colonies becoming home to pests and disease. Maintaining healthy hives in an important management practice to detect pests early and to prevent the spread of disease amongst bees. The Australian Honey Bee Industry Code of Practice requires that beekeepers inspect their hives at a mimumin of twice a year as well as keep accurate records of findings.

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